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Now that you are one of the “chosen people” to attend our wedding , all that is left for you is to press “I’m attending” . Besides that take a look through this cool page as a happy preparation for our wedding !

Don’t forget to tell us how can we help . ( Hotels, Airbnb, Tours, Transportation etc.)
Just leave it in a comment and we’ll be there to help. Oh and of course leave us a nice word !

See you soon #NotoLove

Kabalat Panim

October 17, 2017

6:15 PM

Hotel Yehuda, Chaim E. Kolitz Rd, Jerusalem - Israel

Check out the map


October 17, 2017

7:15 PM

Hotel Yehuda, Chaim E. Kolitz Road, Jerusalem, Israel

Check out the map

Words About Each Other

So romantic…


Daniela about Jigal 

” When I met Jigal , I never imagined all the happiness he would give me. I fell rapidly and easily in love with a man who’s qualities never ceases to amaze me. He is sweet, a good listener , kind of funny and always supportive. Loving him has been easy, fun and wonderful. Can’t wait to share ‘FOREVER’ with him.  “



Jigal about Daniela


” Daniela, you are a beautiful girl, everyone sees that. Just not everyone gets the privilege to see how much more beautiful your inside is. I did get the privilege to see how special you are, how different you are than all the others, how true you are , how caring and loving you are and how much I want to keep learning from you. Every day I got to know you better and better and fell more and more in love with you. I love & respect you and I cannot wait till our day is coming !”

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